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We hope you find the following Frequently Ask Questions useful.

The DUBBLE BUBBLE kit consists of 4 items.

  1. A wand suitable for use by children. It is designed to make large bubbles.
  2. A sheet of instructions
  3. One 4 oz bottle of concentrated Dubble Bubble mix. Contains “DAWN 2X dish detergent and J Lube
  4. One Packet of J Lube Powder - enough to mage several gallons of DUBBLE BUBBLE mix when added to water and Dawn 2X Dish detergent. Mixing instruction are enclosed.

The 4 items are enclosed in a 24”tube or a triangular package suitable for mailing.


Into a gallon (or about 4 liters) of clear water, add 4 oz (half a cup) of DAWN™ dish detergent and half a teaspoon of the white “J-LUBE” powder. Stir. Avoid using too much J-LUBE. If the bubbles are not forming or pop too soon, try adding more DAWN™ dish detergent.


Many conditions in the air will make the bubbles pop too soon. High or blustery wind, Pollen, Smoke from forest fires, or Dust from dry cut grass will make it difficult to create bubbles. Quiet, still air often has layers. Try raising the bubble wand up higher.


Small children love to jump up and pop the bubbles, giggling all the while. What I do is to stand up on a chair making the bubbles high enough to escape these forces of destruction.

For reasons unknown, children posses destructive urges toward any bubble, attempting to pop them all as fast as they can. I often suggest popping the bubbles by blowing on them. This often creates a second bubble to be formed inside the "mother" bubble - more fun than swiping at them with your hands.

The true magic of bubbles though, is what happens when you share them with others. People begin to talk and laugh. together. Bubbles make a fun activity for adults and children.


In some situations, at sunset or at dawn (for example) the array of bright vibrant colours you can see in your bubbles is breathtaking. Strangely, the colours are brightest when the sky is full of gray clouds.


  • Gently moving the wand into light breezes of an evening produces huge bubbles.
  • Bubbles love gentle and light wind.
  • If the bubbles don't work, it is most likely caused by smoke, grass dust, vehicle exhaust, or pollutants in the air. Try adding a little more "DAWN" to the mix. Be sure to use clear water. Be aware that sometimes, the bubbles just don't work.
  • If the wind is just right, the bubbles will drift free by themselves.
  • You can set a bubble free by "closing" the slider, or (this takes some practice) by moving the wand sideways, cutting the bubble free.

The mix contains "J-lube" powder. It is a personal lubricant used primarily by pet veterinarians for birth assist activities.

It is completely safe. Leaves no residue, it dries clear - not sticky. It washes off quickly. One shake of table salt will kill the soapiness immediately. Mixed with a little water it makes a super slippery mucus-like liquid.

Mixing half a teaspoon of the powder with a gallon of water (also add about half a cup of "DAWN" dish detergent) it makes magical bubbles.

It is made by Jergensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado USA.

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