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Face Painting

We are found at

  • markets,
  • parties,
  • weddings,
  • special events or
  • any gathering with children.

Why I paint faces

Face Painting is something I had to learn as part of my healing from Colo-Rectal Cancer. I could not stand up for long with the chemo, so I do this sitting down. I do not make as much money as I used to, but I am similarly rewarded by your smiles and pleasure.

There are few things that one person can do for another where we both win. I get to be proud of my art work and show it off.... You get lots of attention, praise and interest. You get to show off to all your friends. I have never seen anything that makes people - Children and Adults - smile so big, laugh out loud, and to experience the sheer delight that bubbles over to everyone who sees this painting on your face, your arm, or your leg. I love joining you, being immersed in those memorable moments, using my skills to create, and to appreciate whatever we bring to the situation. You are my audience...I love sharing with you what I do.

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